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Brabazon Community Run Group


The run group is a friendly running session to promote running for residents and friends from the Brabazon Community.  The sessions will take place on a Monday evening starting at 6.30pm and will last 30-45 minutes for March increasing to 45 - 60 mins in April when the lighter nights are here and the group progresses.

Meeting point is   ‘pocket park’ near the entrance to Brabazon, beside The Navigator Building and the first session is on Monday 4th March

The session is open to all abilities and will be run with two coaches who will lead he group and tail run / walk the group 

What do you need? 

Suitable clothing and trainers

Florescent or light coloured top

Head torch recommended on dark nights

A hand held drink bottle if required

Questions ?

Do I need to be able to run for 30 minutes?  No a run walk will be fine we will have a coach at back and front of group 

Running Group


We have 5 coaches / group leaders onboard at present who will lead and follow the group. 

Andy Maxted - Founder of Trimax Events Qualified PT

Clare Lait - Qualified Physio and triathlete

Scott Panschuk - Owner of YPB Events and runner

Sharon Ivory - 5k to Marathon Runner

Grant Rees - Planned Fitness Goals Running Coach


Our vision is to encourage and support local residents to begin running safely from zero to 5k to 10k and beyond. We want this group to be a supportive running group with a friendly inclusive atmosphere. 

Race Competition in Nature
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A great way to stay focused is to enter an event.

YPB & Trimax Events offer a wide variety of trail running & triathlon events.

If you are not ready to enter a great way to get motivated is to help out at an event. We have lots of marshal opportunities offering Free Places at events for helping

Email us at

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